1. Nicole Vincent — Neurolaw and Neuro-Interventions

SECTION 1: Conceptual, Legal, and Moral Issues
2. Neil Levy — Defending the Parity Principle
3. Jan Christoph Bublitz — TBA
4. Valerie Hardcastle — Diversion Courts, Traumatic Brain Injury, and American Vets
5. Walter Glannon — Neural Prosthetics, Behavior Control and Criminal Responsibility

SECTION 2: Standing Trial
6. Currently accepting submissionssee CFP
7. Currently accepting submissionssee CFP

SECTION 3: Punishment
8. Katrina Sifferd — Chemical Castration as Punishment
9. Nicole Vincent and Bobby Bingle — Enhancing Punishment
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SECTION 4: Release
11. Chris Ryan — Is it really ethical to prescribe antiandrogens to sex offenders to decrease their risk of recidivism?
12. Farah Focquaert and Sigrid Sterckx — Offering neurointerventions to offenders with impaired moral functioning: Ethical and criminal justice aspects
13. Paul Sheldon Davies — Foundational Facts for Legal Responsibility: Human Agency and the Aims of Restorative Neuro-Interventions
14. Adrian Carter — TBA

SECTION 5: Conversion Therapy
15. Rachel McKinnon — We’re not broken, so don’t try to fix us: Against trans reparative therapy
16. Currently accepting submissionssee CFP
17. Currently accepting submissionssee CFP

SECTION 6: Neuroenhancement
18. Patrick Hopkins and Harvey Fiser — TBA
19. Thomas Nadelhoffer — TBA
20. Nicole Vincent and Emma A. Jane — Should we fear the new “normal”?
21. Alexandre Erler — Neuroenhancement, “Soft” Coercion, and Neo-Luddism